Apple iPhone 7 8 Amp προστατευτικό κάλυμμα

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Συμβατό μοντέλο: Apple iPhone 7/8

  Apple iPhone 7 8 Amp Schutzhülle Cover

Apple iPhone 7 8 Amp
 Schutzhülle Cover

 Amp Cover:

  Simple and stylish case. Smooth flowing lines and frame design. Minimize the weight of TPU case by accurate structural engineering design. It gets tough protection, impact and scratch resistance, amplifier. Exact thickness makes it not easily deformed and ensures a good hold feeling. There are nine tracks for sound redirecting on the top and two sides. Exclusive horn design amplifies and equalizes your phone's sound range for fuller, richer sound. Built-in light and thick iron sheet for magnetic car holder.
Features of Amp case: simple style, multifunctional, moderate weight, good texture, tough protection, good touch feeling.

Technical specifications

Product Code CS-HC AP-IPHONE78
Product Category Cover
Product Net Weight 35.7g
Product Weight 99.7g
Package Size 182*112*19mm
Product Size 142.89*69.56*11.68mm
Product Color black,golden,silver
Guarantee 24 Months
Delivery Apple iPhone 7/8 Amp Cover

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