Κάλυμμα δέρματος Samsung Galaxy S9 Englon

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Κομψή βρετανική ρετρό μόδα και μοντέρνο στυλ με γοητεία της μητρόπολης δημιουργούν ένα ελίτ στιλ και ώριμη ιδιοσυγκρασία των επιχειρηματιών. Εν τω μεταξύ, έχει μια πεισματική φύση. Είναι χαριτωμένο και γεμάτο ενέργεια σαν ένας κύριος ...

Samsung Galaxy S9 Englon Leder Schutzhülle Cover


 Ingenuity of creation

Elegant British retro fashion and modern style with metropolis charm create an elite style and mature temperament of business men. Meanwhile, it possesses an obstinate nature. It’s graceful and full of energy like a gentleman. Ingenuity of creation, appreciating classics. Combining exquisite handcraft with advanced modern techniques, it’s a tailored elegant chic clothing for your phone. It was processed by complicated refining and fuse with three high-level materials. Providing the phone close care from the inside out. The outer layer adopts the finest Crazy Horse grain leather. The simple classic lines show a low-key luxury temperament. The lining is made of high-grade soft microfiber. Tightly stitched, light and comfortable, wear-resisting and dust-proof. Combining with the inner imported PC panel, it’s tough and anti-wrestling. Builds an enhanced protection for your phone.

   Technical specifications

Compatible model Samsung S9
Product Category Cover
Particularities Leather
Material TPU
Product Net Weight 20.2g
Product Gross Weight 87.9g
Product Size 150*71.26*1.27mm
Package Size 182*110*18mm
Product Color black
Guarantee 24 Months
Delivery Samsung S9 Cover

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