Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus προστατευτικό κάλυμμα από συνθετικές ίνες

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Kunstfaser Schutzhülle Cover


  Outstanding quality, simple acme

Using advanced carbon fiber material, tough and wearproof, excellent process quality.hardness with softness, delicate touches, lightweight and tough. Inject dual imported carbon fiber material, and make full use of sophisticated rigorous weaving process to make a regular geometric texture, impressive clarity, unique style. Advanced hot forming process. Imported woven carbon fiber material closely joint with PC back shell, the surface is processed by rubber oil spray techniques, which makes it as baby-like skin with perfect touch, fingerprints can be removed immediately. .

   Technical specifications

Compatible model Samsung S9 Plus
Product Category Cover
Material TPU
Product Net Weight 18.4g
Product Gross Weight 59.4g
Product Size 150*71.26*1.27mm
Package Size 182*110*18mm
Product Color black
Guarantee 24 Months
Delivery Samsung S9 Plus Cover

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