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  • Multiport_Ladegerät_mit_4_USB_Port_mit_LED_anzeige_zonker_www.zonker.ch_H00035_1 Multiport_Ladegerät_mit_4_USB_Port_mit_LED_anzeige_zonker_www.zonker.ch_H00035_1
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  • Multiport_Ladegerät_mit_4_USB_Port_mit_LED_anzeige_zonker_www.zonker.ch_H00035_5 Multiport_Ladegerät_mit_4_USB_Port_mit_LED_anzeige_zonker_www.zonker.ch_H00035_5
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  • Multiport_Ladegerät_mit_4_USB_Port_mit_LED_anzeige_zonker_www.zonker.ch_H00035_7 Multiport_Ladegerät_mit_4_USB_Port_mit_LED_anzeige_zonker_www.zonker.ch_H00035_7
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Multi-port 4 USB port charger with LED indicator

SKU H00035
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Multi-port 4 USB port charger with LED indicator

Extremely fast, you can also charge your USB-enabled devices with up to 2.4A charging current, making them ideal for smartphones, tablets and the like. 1-8 USB charging ports allow simultaneous charging of up to 4 devices. Due to the low weight of just 380grams also ideal for travel and on the go. Simply connect the USB port to the power cord and power supply 100-250 volts and be ready to charge. Especially for households, offices and other locations with multiple cell phone users very convenient because you can load one to four devices at the same time. Simply set up centrally in the workplace, in the kitchen or the living room etc. and the search for the suitable USB power supply is over. Ideal for the USB charging cable of the Apple iPad Air; iPad Mini; iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5, 4S; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Grade 3, Grade 2; Smartphone, tablet and all other USB devices to be charged.

  • Fast charger for 1 to 4 USB charging cables, with up to 2.4A charging current
  • Ideal for Apple iPad and iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, Galaxy Tab
  • Android smartphone, tablet and other devices with USB charging function
  • high-quality workmanship, with LED display for the power status

Technical specifications

Model WN UCH01
colour Black, silver, gold
material ABS + PC fireproof material
connections 4 USB up to 2.4A
input AC 110-250V
output DC 5V - 4.8A
protection functions Integrated protection functions for short circuit, over and discharge
certificate CE RoHS
Size 15.5 * 12.5 * 2.5cm
mass 310g
warranty 12 months
delivery 1x multiport charger WN-UCH01, user manual (English)
category charger

Mobile Accessories | Charger | pegame

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Lieferzeit 1-2 days
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